Mark Swan


With a heritage in the trade of over 70 years and owners of the Kartel clothing brand, the Swan family are a familiar name in the Irish clothing business.

In 1946 John Swan was a bright ambitious 29 year old with a flair for both business and fashion. Having left school at 14, John worked as a tailor’s apprentice, later studying to become a master tailor. In 1947 he set up his own business, specialising in Men’s tailored garments.

Since then the business has evolved over the decades, into the entrepreneurial hands of John’s son, Alan and in more recent years the business has become Swan Clothing Ltd. which is owned by Karl Swan.

My Personal Tailor is owned by John’s eldest son, Mark. Alan, Karl & Mark have a very close relationship, working alongside each other and enjoying the daily challenges of growing their businesses together through wholesale distribution, factory sales and their personal tailoring and suit services.

We can help you look fantastic.